Setup Menus in Admin Panel


WPTouch Mobile Menu Setup

Step-by-step instructions in setting up the mobile theme for Clean theme sites.




    • Check for any WP Touch Free installation. Remove this plugin first before installing.

    Mobile Menu

    • Create a new menu for the mobile. Move the Workout of the Day to the top.
    • Add two custom menu items at the bottom.
      • URL: /?open_feature=location
      • Link Text: Our Location
      • URL: /?open_feature=hours
      • Our Hours

    SFTP Access file edit

    • Open the file: /wp-content/wptouch-data/themes/open/default/functions.php
    • comment out line 4 and lines 7 to 19. This will disable the Locations and Hours that is on top of the menu.

    Plugin setup

    Core Settings

    • Set Site Title. Uncheck Display “Powered by WPTouch Pro”
    • Set Display Mode to ‘Preview’. This will let you check the mobile output using the browser. We will change this seting to ‘Normal’ after the whole setup is finished.
    • Landing Page is Default
    • Set Admin Mode to ‘Advanced’. Save changes. This is open up other settings.
    • On Desktop / Mobile Switching, uncheck ‘Show switch link in mobile view’’
    • Save changes.

    Themes & Extensions

    • Install “Open” theme.
    • Click Activate.

    Theme Settings


    • Set to ‘10’ the Number of posts in post listings.
    • Under Pages (Custom lastest posts page), select the blog page of the site.
    • Put the address infomation in the ‘Location’
    • Under Call to Action, Set the Button Label to ‘Call Us’ and Target URL to ‘tel:<phone_number>’
    • Under Hours, type in the hours for each day. Use the schedule page to determine the hours. Add ‘Note’ if applicable (this will appear in the hours page of the mobile version).
    • Save changes.


    • Set the theme colors. Base these colors on the site design.
    • Upload the site logo.

    Add the tagline

    • Add a header image. This will serve as the header background of the mobile version. Use one of the image sliders or in the about-us page.
    • Select Patua One & Alegreya Sans for the Typography.
    • Add the Footer Social links.
    • Save changes.
    • Web-App Mode
    • Enable iOS Web-App mode.


    Theme Menus

    • Select the mobile menu under the Primary Menu.
    • Save changes
    • Menu Setup (Optional)
    • You can assign different icons to the menu items.
    • Icon sets can be installed using the next tab: Icon Upload & Sets

    Last Step:

    • Go back to the Core settings and select Normal under Display mode.
    • Save settings.

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