Setup Menus in Admin Panel


How to ZenDesk

  The following is designed to allow for better ZenDesk organization and promote more efficient ticket resolution. …



    The following is designed to allow for better ZenDesk organization and promote more efficient ticket resolution.


    • Access to PPL Labs’ ZenDesk page @

    Adding a Client to ZenDesk


    • Enter the Admin panel by clicking the gear icon in the bottom left
    • Go to Manage > People
    • Click “Add User” on top right of page
    • Enter Client’s name and preferred email address
    • Click “Save
    • A new tab with open with a blank profile for the newly created User
    • Click “+add contact” and enter the Client’s preferred phone number(s)
    • Click the text box to the right of “Org.” and enter the Client’s organization
    • Add any and all notes and comments into the text box next to “Notes


    Detailed Description:



      • All clients should be added to ZenDesk immediately after beginning service with PPL Labs
      • Every client profile should, at minimum, include the following:


    • Client Name
    • Client Organization
    • Preferred Email Address
    • Preferred Phone Number



    Adding a New Client


    • Gather Client information

    Open ZenDesk and click on the gear icon on the bottom left of the page to enter the Admin panel


    • In the Manage section of the Admin Panel sidebar, click on “People

    Image 2

    • The People page should now open. On the top right of the page, click “add user

    Image 3

    • In the New user window that pops up, enter the new client’s name and email address, then click Save

    Image 4

    • A new user profile should now be created and opened. On the sidebar, click + add contact and add the client’s primary Phone Number

    Image 5

    • Any secondary email addresses or phone numbers can be added to the client profile this way as well
    • Now click the “ – “ mark to the right of “Org.” and enter the client’s Organization name in the text box that appears

    Image 6

    • Add any notes or comments into the “Notes” section of the sidebar
    • Your new Client Profile is now complete!

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