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How To Asana

Asana 101 The following is designed to help create easily actionable edit tickets in Asana. Requirements Access …


    Asana 101

    The following is designed to help create easily actionable edit tickets in Asana.


    • Access to PPL Labs’ Asana page @


    • Find Asana page for client in search bar at top
    • On page, scroll to, and click on “Edits:” line
    • Hit “Enter” or “Return” on keyboard to create a new entry under “Edits:
    • Title new task
    • Enter task description
    • Set Due Date for task
    • Assign to Developer or Support Team Member
    • When task is finished, click check mark to left of title to mark as “Complete
      • Do not mark as Complete unless all tasks in ticket have been finished
      • If ticket is unclear, re-assign to the person who created it asking for clarification and message on Skype with link to task

    Detailed Description

    • During a support call, notes should be taken in the Asana page for the client’s website to make them easily transferrable into edits
    • All new edits should be added beneath the “Edits:” line within the Asana page


    Titling Your Asana Edits:

      • Each ticket should be titled according to the Menu Item it pertains to using the following format:
    • Menu Item > Sub-Menu Item (If applicable)

    Task Creation

    • All actions should be bolded and written as simply as possible and followed by a “:
      • For example, if you want to change a banner image to something else, the action should be written as “Make Banner Image:
      • Removing content should be written as “Remove:
    • Task descriptions should be written in plain text. Aim to keep the descriptions as simple as possible too.
    • Attach images to the Asana task using the paperclip icon in the top right corner


    • Screenshots help considerably. Use an application like Lightshot Screenshot to select and identify the specific area you wish to change, visually.
        • If attaching a screenshot, the task description should read “(See Screenshot)”
        • If attaching more than one screenshot to a single Asana task, include the screenshot’s link in the description.
          • Ex. “(See Screenshot at Dec 23 15-00-21.png)”
      • If you wish to add or change an image, attach the new image to the Asana task and write “(See Attached)” as the task description
        • If adding/changing multiple images, include the image’s link in the description.
          • Ex. “(See img_20151217_110750444.jpg)”
    • If assigning multiple edits for a single Menu Item, separate each edit within the task with a blank line by hitting the “enter” or “return” key twice. Title each individual edit within the ticket with Bold Text
      • Multiple edits in a single task should read as follows:


    • Look over and proofread your Task before Assigning it in order to ensure it is understandable and actionable


    Assigning Created Tasks


    • Once a task is created, set the Due Date for the task by clicking the Calendar icon above the title
      • Edits should typically be scheduled for completion within 1 – 2 workdays.


    • Assign a task to a Developer or Support Team Member by clicking the “Unassigned” option to the left of the Due Date, typing their name into the search bar, and clicking on it


    Asking for Clarification on a Task


    • Should a task’s description not be clear, write a comment using the comment box at the bottom of the Asana ticket, then Re-Assign the task to its creator
      • Message the creator on Skype with a link to the task, in addition to reassigning in order to ensure they see the issue


    Completing a Task



    • Do Not mark a task as Complete unless all aspects have been resolved.


      • If portions of the ticket are still unclear, re-assign the ticket to its creator following the directions in “Asking for Clarification on a Task
    • Once a task has been completed in its entirety, click the checkmark icon to the left of the task title.


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