Setup Menus in Admin Panel


Facebook Autopost

This is procedure for autoposting to Facebook page.



    • Admin access to Facebook page
    • Plugin – Add link to facebook


    • Verify admin access to the facebook page.
    • Go to and login using our PPL Facebook account.
    • Create new app. Use the website name as the name of the app.
    • In settings, add our buildteam email as the contact email and the website URL.
    • In status and review, select Yes in “Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public?”
    • In the app dashboard, show the app secret. You will be prompted for the facebook password.
    • Copy the App ID and App secret to the ‘Add link to facebook’ plugin. And make the plugin available to all users.
    • Authorize the plugin. Select post publicly when prompted.
    • Go the plugin setting and select the appropriate values: the facebook page, the image to use, and comment integration.
    • Test the connection by editing one of the recent post and change the status to draft then publish the post again.
    • The publish command will also publish the post to the facebok page. You can see the link in the publish section of the post or by checking the facebook page.

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