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Building using Jupiter Theme

Building pages on Jupiter on jupiter theme is very much the same with Cleantheme. Both are using …


    Building pages on Jupiter on jupiter theme is very much the same with Cleantheme. Both are using Visual Composer for adding elements. The only difference are the added post types enumerated below:


    This is where Coaches or the team is added. The information added here will be available in the page composer through the Employees element

    Dashboard > Employees
    Employees post-type contains:

    • Title – the name of the coach/owner/staff
    • Employee Position
    • About Member – where the bio can be added
    • Link to a URL
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google Plus
    • Linked In
    • Featured image – where the photo is attached

    Pricing Tables

    Dashboard > Pricing Tables

    Useful for creating membership tables.



    Dashboard > Clients

    When adding partners section to pages (different from the partners section in the footer) using logo and links.



    Dashboard > Testimonials

    Testimonials post-type contains:

    • Title – this will not show in the front-end but useful for identifying which testimonial to use.
    • Testimonial Author Name
    • Testimonial Author Company Name
    • URL to Testimonial Author’s Website – this will link to the URL when the author is clicked
    • Quote – the testimonial content
    • Featured image – where to attach the author picture

    * You can get testimonial information via Google reviews and Yelp

    Additional setup
    General Information shortcode

    Dashboard > Tools > Shortcodes

    – similar with Clean Theme, the information in the footer contact section and contact-us page is centralized in this shortcode plugin. However, the email and contact number in the header toolbar is not included here (needs to be updated in the theme settings).



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